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Amour Noir

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Today, I shall be reviewing a teeth whitening product known as Amour Noir Teeth Whitener. It is a stain removal product which is halal friendly and 100% natural. A lot of surface stains which are often difficult to remove by toothpaste are easily removed with this halal friendly natural product.

It has been found that this product takes less time to noticeably whiten the teeth as stains are removed right from the very first time of its usage.

 Some amazing features of Amour Noir Teeth Whitener are given below:

  • It neither hurts the teeth nor gums.
  • It is not abrasive.
  • You can use it as many times as you wish up to 150 uses per tin of the product.
  • Halal and vegan friendly, not cruel to animals.
  • It can be used by everybody- men, women, boys, girls, children and pregnant women inclusive.
  • Does not irritate the teeth.
  • 100% natural ingredients.
  • No side effects.

In addition, Amour Noir Teeth Whitener is manufactured from natural ingredients to enhance tooth polish. The primary ingredient in Amour Noir Teeth Whitener is activated charcoal, a natural ingredient known for teeth whitening over the years. Other ingredients include calcium bentonite and peppermint oil. Amour Noir Teeth Whitener does not contain harmful chemicals that constitute damage to the tooth enamel.

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