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Travel Withdraw and Repeat

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It’s that time of the year again, when we start reflecting on what we’ve done over the past year and think about what we want to achieve for the New Year to better ourselves. Time sure does fly huh? 😮 Have you achieved what you sought out to do in 2016? Or have you pushed your resolutions aside and thought to yourself, “I’ll do it next year”? Whatever your resolution was, we surely hope you didn’t push aside the idea of travelling! Wait, don’t tell me you didn’t think about making that a resolution?!

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Golly gee, let me tell you why you should make travelling your New Year’s resolution! Pay close attention now 👏

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 1. You Get Fitter As You Travel!

Oh, the number one resolution most people have as the New Year comes by is “This year I will get fit and healthy”! Well, if you find that you’re unable to keep up to your fitness plans – get moving and book a ticket out! If you’re adventurous, try travelling to places where cycling is the method of transportation, or maybe try out a new sport like surfing while you’re at a surf beach or Muay Thai if you’re in Thailand.

 If all else fails, try travelling to countries where walking is a norm (Hint hint *Japan and Europe*)! When you’re travelling while “working out”, you wouldn’t feel like you’re working out in the first place! Another option would be to book hotels that have in-house gyms and pools so you can make the most of the facilities!

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20 Travel Hacks to Save You Time and Money

Travel Hacks

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Long airport security lines can play havoc with your travel plans. So can dead phone batteries, high gas prices, lost luggage and kids who fight in the back seat. Not every road trip or flight can go smoothly, but a few smart travel hacks can help you avoid the potholes.

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Hacks To Use When You Go by Air

1: Passengers have been fuming about delays at security checkpoints. While TSA officials try to speed things up, sign up for TSA PreCheck, an expedited program for travelers who are considered low-risk. If your airline offers it, apply for a KTN, or “known traveler number” to use when you book your flight. Once you’re approved, you can take the shorter, faster screening lines, and you won’t have to take off your shoes, belt or light jacket. You won’t have to open your laptop or 3-1-1 liquids, either.

2: Seasoned travelers know they can make money by volunteering to be bumped from overbooked flights. Of course, you’d better have a flexible schedule, because you may have to stand-by for the next one, and there’s always a chance you’ll get stranded. But if this is an option, try asking for cash or accept a voucher (read it carefully, as it will probably have restrictions) or extra frequent flier miles. And don’t forget about your luggage. If you checked it, ask where it will be held until you arrive.

3: Imagine this: you’re ready to board your flight when the gate agent announces it’s been cancelled. Worse, bad weather is causing cancellations all over the board. You race to the ticket counter to rebook, only to find a 2-hour line has already formed ahead of you. You could call your airline to grab a seat on another flight–if your battery wasn’t dead. If you didn’t tuck a charging cord and spare battery in a carry-on bag, expect to pay big bucks to buy them from an airport vendor. Critical advice: don’t pack your cords and chargers in checked bags. 

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