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How To make A Headway as an Online Marketer; The Easy1Up Approach

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We all want to make money. No one is an exception when it comes to money making. At least that’s why we wake up every day and carry out our transaction with people in a meticulous and advanced way, making money is hard; being broke is equally hard – it’s up to you to choose your hardship.

Ignorance in any endeavor begets fear in that field but applied knowledge removes the fear that’s why some people assert you first LEARN, then you remove the L then EARN.

Online blogosphere is a stormy see that respect no one. It only favors those that take the pain to learn the rudiment of the game. Internet in itself is the problem (because it’s just a medium), the wrong application towards our financial success is where the problem his. Everyone thinks to make money online is just to open a Facebook or Gmail account and hurray money will start thinking in, some people even comfort me some days ago and said emphatically that “if you want to make money online, just open a website and Google will start giving you some cash.”

I laugh in French.

How would Google do such things? That’s stupidity of the highest order infact Google is in business to make money as well. What service do you render to them to warrant such income? There’s no expedient to which a man will resort to avoid the labour of thinking. To clarify my point, if you open your search engine, and ask Google any questions, the first few answers that you say are where they wrote Ads.

Ads which are placed there by advertisers that want traffic to their site whenever anyone click on the links, it will be redirected to their site for such information and Google is paid a few cents ranging from $0.10, $0.20 to $1 depending on their predetermined registration. Such performance is called pay-per-click (PPC) on Google platform.

Type of Adverts

There are different types of advert online where by Google, Facebook and other high traffic blogs benefit from it but the most obvious are banner advert and text link advert which can be placed anywhere on a website. Google have a text link advert placed at the top of their page and right side while Facebook use both text link and banner advert which is placed at every side of their page. Whenever anyone clicks on it, certain percentage goes to their account.

Many big blogs that focuses on different niches also benefit from this type through Google ad sense depending on their choice. They sign up as a publisher and acquire for their pay-per-click programs, Google then place banners on their site for visitors coming to their site to click. Whenever any visitor clicks on it, they get paid.

That’s one of the medium of making money online. Online acres of diamond are endless. Nobody can fathom the level with which one can make money on it because there are several ways. The only limitation to the realization to your income online will solely depends on your imagination.

The bad news!

In this digital age whereby things changes at an unimaginable rates, you need training and marketing to escape through the storm. With over 2 billion blogs existing around the world according to Alexa, making money fortune online becomes more competitive day by day. More blogs will still come up next year with an intent of profitability, but the existing ones already craft a niche for themselves. In other to compete with them based on this analysis, you need:

#1. EXPERIENCE: Experience they say is the best teacher. It gives the test and present the valuable lesson in every endeavor. It teaches the right approach to every successful business .That’s why the top officials in every organization are the one with vast experience. According to the law of Unitarianism, the past is the key to the present. If a man of experience meet a man with money, the man with experience end up with the money while the man with money end up with experience – often bitter experience. To avoid this vicious dilemma, you have two choices, you either learn from the experience of others or from your own experience. The former is always time and energy saving. This will lead us to-

#2. KNOWLEDGE: Give a man a choice between knowledge and money then wait and see how they shun knowledge and go run after money. In the end they are penniless. Those who chase money blindly do not get it. Money is a means to an end not an end in itself. Knowledge is the key that open the door to every successful enterprise. The champion that knows everything is the one that needed to learn the most. He that boldly claims to know everything have a fool for a master. My brother learning is the ladder. However, to learn is not enough, you need what I called-

#3. TOOLS: the only difference between a success and a failure is the tool they use. You need finest materials in form of books, audio programs, video clips, surveys, pdf eBook e.t.c. with hours of serious learning on each subject to know how things work. Every field has it’s ‘technical knowhow’ of a thing – of course more gold has been mined from the brain of man than from the earth crust. To stay at the top of your game, you need the best tools. Albert Einstein was right when he assert that ‘The significant problem we face cannot be solved if we are at the same level we are when we first create them’. You can’t learn new things if you don’t change your ways. A case study in America shows that 3% of the entire net profit in thriving companies is invested in training and self development of staff. The best part to refine is your brain.

To achieve this, let me introduce a training package that’s the most comprehensive online today which can kick start your online money making success.

I will guide you step-by step and mentor you to success and trust me, your life will be different if you click here: EASY1UP TRAINING PACKAGE

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