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How To Market To Larger Audience Using Email Marketing – Step By Step Guide To Open Aweber Account

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We all market every day, from prospecting to closing the sales by negotiation is a no joke affair. Business they say is marketing, every other thing is commentary. Marketing is one of the vital component of business respiration because it holds the key to commerce and industry. Without marketing, many business with reach a grinding halt and sales closed.

However to market effectively, you have two options. Either you go through:

#1. Conventional Advert

#2. Direct Response Marketing

We all understand the concept of conventional marketing and advert. It has been use over and over on us with huge success. The limitation towards it in this age is the rate at which digitalization is taking over everything at an astronomical rate. The taking over is skyrocketing indeed.

According to Brian Tracy’s marketing lesson ‘the average customer is exposed to perhaps three thousand commercial messages a day, from al, sources. Form the time he gets up in the morning , he’s bombarded with sales messages on the radio television, billboards, store signs, newspapers and magazines, telephone calls and mail solicitation’. This means marketing is the life wire of business. If you are not using the opportunity it present, you are doing a great disservice to your life and business.

Our focus today will center towards ‘Direct response marketing’ which is otherwise known as email marketing. If you have been thinking of how to open an email marketing campaign, this might be the best article ever as I will walk you extensively through the step by step approach of opening one for yourself almost free.

According to direct marketing associations, email marketing has a return on investment of 4300% which means for every $1 you invest, you gain $4300. Of course that’s in the long run, perhaps you are consistent and you do it correctly.

Email newsletter gives you the opportunity to reach out to your subscribers on a personal level and connect with them for an update on current sales going on in your business. They can even reply you directly with a private message and get a personal response too. That personal connection is what build trust and turn them into a raving fans ready to buy whatever you put up for sale. All other medium cannot do that – your blog can’t do it, not even your social media account like Facebook or Google plus.

That’s why it is said ‘the money is in the list’!

Many online marketers have used email over and over again with 100% profit and positive reviews. That’s why Brian Clark of copyblogger submitted that ‘Email marketing as old as man. An old way that’s new again’

To confirm this claim, statistics shows that:

  • Jupiter communications reports that email marketing will become a 7.3 billion dollars business by 2005 (of course the rate has increased now by 100%)
  • Over 50% of consumers will be communicating via email by 2001 according to forester research. Email marketers also report that by year-end 2001, there will be 111 million email users.
  • Email volume have already eclipsed postal mail
  • Over 2 million emails are sent to customers on a daily basis.

I wasn’t totally convinced on the statistic until Yanik Silver (An online marketing frontier) report that the power of email marketing is truly a killer app of the internet. It’s totally revolutionalizing direct marketing. He also doesn’t believe until he gets result like these from his personal email marketing campaign.

  • $9,188 in profit in 72 hours
  • $15,558.81 in less than 3 weeks
  • $15, 400 in 14 days.

These statistics proves a lot of benefits from email marketing. Some of them are:

  1. Instant Result: What could be sweeter than seeing responses and orders few minutes after sending out your email campaign provided you position your message towards your customer appropriately. It should be about them; not you.
  2. Low Cost: Unlike Conventional Marketing whereby you need printing materials to litter the environment, email marketing is nearly free to send out without any printing, postage and mail house charges and it get delivered into their inbox within few minutes
  3. Quick To Create: You cook up a message in just an hour or two then click send as opposed to weeks in carrying out project in offline world
  4. High Response Rate: It’s not unusual for email marketing to get 5%, 10%, 15%, even 50% response rate which is almost impossible in direct mail.

To keep the record straight, there are many email marketing companies on the web today like AWEBER, GETRESPONSE, MAILCHIMP, CONSTANT CONTACT, I CONTACT and the likes with varying terms and conditions. I personally prefer AWEBER because of some wonderful features it has which will be explained below and their quality is about 90% based on personal experience.

Send Your First Email Newsletter Today – AWeber Communications


To open Aweber email free trial, just hover to Aweber website here and follow the steps below. It’s fun to create provided you follow the given steps

This will take you to their website home page. It looks like this:

Click on free trial or FIND OUT TODAY- 30 DAY FREE TRIAL.

Then it will take you to:

Fill in the required boxes by inputting your login name, first name, last name, email address and phone number. Your email address must be a functional one because that’s where they will send any important updates. Your login name is as sacred as your private part. Try keeping it safe since that’s the requirement for logging in every time.

After filling the form above, click on save and it’ll take you to this page:

Enter the details of your billing address as outlined above with your postal code. Remember postal code is different, if you are unsure of your postal code, and then just use the search engine to get the specific code of your area. E.g postal code of Alaska or postal code of Ohio. Then it will generate many postal codes and you can check for your locality there.

Enter your country of residence if you don’t reside in the United States by clicking on the box and the dropdown of all the countries they serve will pop-out.

But you said free trial now? Why do they ask for my credit card details?

Yes, they only want to have your payment details handy so that everything can go on autopilot after the free trail expires. The free trial is just for a month. Not a lifetime. But if you want to cancel your subscription before the first free month expires, you are saved. Just hover to your control panel and go ahead to do so.

No pressure.

Scroll up and you will see this:

Enter the 16 digit number on your credit card and the CCV number. The CCV number is the 3 digit number at the back of your card. Then enter the expiration details.

After the billing information, you will see prepay and save icon. There is monthly, quarterly and annually. By default, the system will click the quarterly for you. It’s your job to change it to Monthly because if you don’t do, your credit card will be charged automatically because the first month on the monthly platform is the free. The other module is not free.

Kindly change it.

Then proceed to:

Then click on start my free trial.

There you are, you just open a free trial account.

Then you will be taken to your dashboard, it looks like this:

You can see that it’s a bit complex but over time, you will understand all the content on each module so far Rome was not built in a day but on daily basis. The yellow arrow above signifies the account owner (Iskandar) which is mine, the red arrow that touches the message icon talks about different type of messages you can set on autoresponder that can get sent to your subscriber list based on your predefined time schedule. If you hover on it, you see a drop down that list the draft, Legacy follow ups series, Broadcasts, Blog broadcasts, Campaigns beta, Email Template manager.

They all have different meaning; you can just click on one and set it based on what you want.

The subscriber icon above (green arrow) talks about different subscribers from different sources that sign up to your email list on any advertising medium through your landing page. That’s where your subscriber list is recorded. Under the module they have Manage subscribers, Add Subscribers, Import History. Hovering on that will give insight of the total subscribers you currently have through each icons. Something like this:

Clicking on each one will give an insight on subscriber statistics,

The sign up Form (navy blue arrow) is the places where they embed the checkbox forms you normally see on sites to collect your email, names and telephone numbers. They integrate it with the site through magic action boxes to make it responsive. To know more on that, you can download/watch the video on Aweber. They have great video on their site that talks about it.

The report Icon above is where you report spam activities to Aweber, when you send message to your subscriber, that’s where you see the open rate, bounced rate and spam rate to track your record. Just like google analytics on blogs.

The current list with red arrow at the top talks about the current list of subscribers you want to perform certain actions on. Depending on your choice, you can have as many list as possible. If you run a fitness program for instance, you van have some subscribers that are interested in weight loss while another list for weight gain, then other for health and wellness. This option gives room for organization and orderliness to your subscribers. Something like this:

The image below gives the statistics of each list.

Under the create message is where you can set up your message. There are three types of messages you can create.

#1. Drag and drop email builder

#2. Plain Text Message

#3. HTML Editor

They all have different meaning but same context.

Drag and drop email builder are the messages you send to your subscribers through some templates already created for you. What you just need to do is edit them and change their text. The template gives the background of how the page will look like after the final creation.

Plain Text Message on the other hand is a way of creating a distraction free writing. For instance if I want to create this report in an email, I will use the plain text option so as not to get distracted through the templates. It will be plain and free for the message length.

HTML Editor: I won’t advise you to dabble on this because only the people that knows coding can scape through this icon. In short, it requires the knowledge of coding. It uses ‘what you see is what you get’ coding structure.

That’s virtually the lesson on the dashboard, the sweetness of a pod is inside the taste, result comes through practice, not through mere reading. That’s to say result comes through application, not through consideration.

Thanks for coming with me this far, we are in the same boat together in this stormy se called online marketing. Sail we must, sink we must not. I have done the great part – teaching, the implementation is left to you.

You can hover to the site through this link and register.

P.S. I took the pain in creating this comprehensive report because I’m an affiliate to AWEBER. You have the right to contact me of any problem you face as soon as you register and I’ll be grateful to help you out. Of course that’s why we are brothers and sisters J


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