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The Ultimate Guide To Choose The Best Gig For Your Project On Fiverr

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The universe is kind to everyone. We have been given equal 24 hours to use in a day. Out of which is divided into 3 equal parts of 8 hours for scheduled of different activities. The first 8 hours is for active working, while the second is for leisure and the last is earmarked to rest. Of course rest is a restorative process to recharge and revitalize our body.

From this proposition, we’ve realize it’s very little we can do all by yourself in a lifetime – except you want to fagged out because energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

Human being are extension of our hands. That’s why specialization comes to play a vital role in our lives; to have a stress free life because it kills faster than worms. You need to imbibe two approaches the wealthy uses; which are: DELEGATION AND OUTSOURCING.

Delegation is an art of giving a responsibility to a competent hand to carry out in a team. To match the requirement of a job with the ability of team members because the function of a manager is to get things done through people.

Outsourcing on the other hand is to hire a professional outside the workforce to carry out a complex job that the members of a team do not have the expertise to do at a fair price. Since the only two categories of people living are Professionals and amateur. Contracting a job out to amateur breeds the need for double payment that would have otherwise paid to professional once.

This analysis held valid when Charles M. Schwab was asked by his boss Andrew Carnegie whether he’ll be interested in revamping a plant (an annex of the original site) that’s not working well, knowing fully well that he (Charles) know nothing about machine. Without hesitation, Charles replied with a resounding voice that he’s interested. He was later sent to the dead plant and did the job well. The plant started working well after few weeks of taking up the project. Months went by and they met again. Charles try to interrogate Andrew Carnegie why he awarded such responsibility to him despite he knows little about machine and its operation. The president of the steel corporation submitted that ‘there are only two people in this world’.

  1. Those that know how to do a job extremely well
  2. Those that can find them and put them into work.

You are such a great employee with both qualities, Charles Schwab was to later become the manager of the steel corporation during the industrial era.

Two key points prevail here.

Those that know how to do a job well and those that can find them and put them to work.

No matter what you know how to do, many people out there knows how to do it better.

There are four ways to get your project done:

#1. Create A Product By Yourself – This techniques involves professionals that have the expertise and resources to do it. For instance, if you know how to design a responsive wordpress website using CMS template for instance, you can create a manuals or marketing materials on it, then market yourself and sell your expertise for big companies or you know how to write a compelling topics through your own research, you can write an eBook on it and sell for people that needs the service.

#2. You Can buy a Reseller Right or Private Label Right to other people’s product – It’s not compulsory you create a product yourself since there’s no law that emphasize solely on that. If you are the sharp type, you can buy a reseller right to an existing product and sell it. The right and logical approach to go about this is to simply contact the owner and ask if they would like to sell you a reseller right. Of course this can be expensive but if the product is really good, then it well worth it.

#3. You Can Be An Affiliate To The Product – This is the tall order of the day. So far creating a product might be extremely overwhelming and buying reseller right is outright hard these days, you can be an affiliate to some products and promote it to your own audience. This can be done through affiliate marketplace like Commission Junction or inhouse programs. Virtually all product selling sites and service providers sites have this program. You can take advantage of it. A typical example is Website Magazine Affiliate Program.

#4. You Can Hire Someone To Create It For You – Remember we talk about outsourcing in this article. It’s not a rocket science. Many professionals do not have a platform to discharge their talent and they are damn good. Why can’t you take advantage of them from their market place where they hang out? That reminds me of Frank Kern (arguably one of the best internet marketers at the turn of the century). There was a time he created a business that made $50,000 a month selling an e-book on how to teach parrot to talk.

Guess who wrote the book? Very simple.

He just posts an ad on Elance (now upwork) to find parrot expert to write the book for him and he pay’s handsomely for the freelancer. You can also do this whenever you want to accomplish a specific task, just hover to their site and find people who can do the job extremely well and pay them well to get it done. Quite simple.

Introducing Some Of The Best Gigs For Your Service On Fiverr.

Fiverr is a freelance bidding site where they get any digital service done for $5 or more. Just like Upwork, Freelancer, Guru and the likes, it’s a market place where buyers (persons needing a particular service) and sellers (people that can get it done perfectly) meets. There are various services they carry out on fiverr interface depending on what you want. From complex job of writing an Ebook, designing a website to the simplest job of finding a perfect domain name and tagline service.

To avoid complex jargons and bored long content, I’ll just talk on the following services:

Service Category
Research and summaries Writing and translation
Creative writing Writing and translation
WordPress Programming and tech
Online private lesson Lifestyle
Presentation design Graphic and design

Research And Summaries

If you are a student that find complex school curriculum a headache, then this is the right gig for you. They have great sellers making waves in this subcategory (it’s under writing and translation category). Just post what you want in the buyer request market and the eligible candidate will avail themselves with their application. Choose one and negotiate your rate and you are good to go. The reason to buy this gig is to save your valuable time in attending to other important programs. Of course, there’re two options for you to accomplish anything, either through your time or money.

#2. Creative Writing:

Creative writing can be a daunting task if you are not an avid reader. It can even lead to writing block that most writers suffer. Just as soon as they prepare to start writing, they’ll be short of ideas. To avoid nodding your head on the wall for creative ideas, save yourself the stress by delegating the job to professionals that’s already experienced in that field. The creative writing is still under writing and translation services. These comprises of e-book services, articles, blogpost, content marketing e.t.c. Just hover to the creative writing gig here and post your request.

#3. WordPress: Everyone needs a website provided you want to position yourself as an expert in your field. Your blog gives such instant credibility. Despite the fact that CMS templates have been developed to avoid the headache of coding, there’re still needs for expert touch for the site not to look crappy and amateurish. There’re hundreds’ of sellers in this category that are proficient in that service. Why not give them a try. It’s under programming and tech.

#4. Online Private Lesson: The world has gone beyond waiting for a guru to take you by the hand and hand over the basic things you need to you. We have video series, online courses, eBooks that’s downloadable on YouTube on practically any subject. The only problem is that some of the free videos and courses may be limiting. To take your lesson’s further, you need online private lesson to be proficient as long as you are paying for the service. The category is under lifestyle. If you need any digital service in the topics above, then don’t hesitate to give it a trial.

#5. Presentation Design: Your boss gives you a PowerPoint task to perform on a slide and he need’s it for a presentation. You can get it done for less than $10 within 24 hours from a professional freelancer so far you’ve given him/her your entire requirement. It’s under graphic and design category.

There are many services that can be done on fiverr virtually on anything digital. Instead of your local service provider disappointing you due to incompetence, why can’t you take your business to the next level and get it done fast on fiverr; after all, they have a lot of measures to reduce the risk of being duped. Until when you finish your job would they release the fund for the seller and if you are not satisfied with the job, you can reject the work, go to resolution center and request for full refund and the management will return 100% of your money back.

P.S: Fiverr is the number one leading site to complete all your assignments or projects. I would recommend fiverr for beginners who wants to get the job done.

Click here to purchase their GIGs.

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